Articling Students


Pringle Law has an extensive history of successfully practicing criminal law at all levels of court. Students-at-law play an integral role in our firm and as a result, we are looking for individuals who share in our values, work ethic, and strive for legal excellence.


Pringle Law provides articling students with a unique opportunity to learn the practice of criminal law in a challenging and supportive environment. Students will article to one of our senior lawyers and will be expected to assist other lawyers in the firm. Our students are fully integrated and exposed to all aspects of the firm during their time with us, including oral and written advocacy, trial preparation, negotiation, and practice management. Students who article at our firm will receive medical and dental benefits, downtown parking, paid holidays and a competitive salary.


During the 12-month articling period, students will be able to gain experience in the fields of Criminal Law and Administrative Law. The firm has close relationships with respected civil law firms that can offer exposure to other areas of law, such as Corporate Commercial, Civil Litigation and Family Law. To support students in meeting the demands of articling, in-office time will be allotted for students to work on the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP). Pringle Law will cover their students’ PREP and Law Society fees.


Students with the firm will provide valuable support to the lawyers in our firm and will have the opportunity to open their own files. You will be assigned a variety of responsibilities from the start of your article as we strongly believe in developing your skills, experience, and knowledge through direct involvement. Some of the tasks you will be expected to perform are legal research and writing,
assistance with court appearances and trials, visiting in-custody clients, and providing support for other members of the firm.


At Pringle Law we are looking for highly motivated individuals with a passion for criminal law and a strong desire for excellence. If you arere interested in an articling position with our firm please provide us with a short and informative application that outlines your accomplishments, any special achievements, skills, interests, and reasons for applying for this position. Please also forward the
following information in your application:

  • Resume
  • Copies of official law school transcripts
  • Copies of official undergraduate transcripts
  • A writing sample

We are considering applications for one articling student for 2025-2026. We will conduct interviews in accordance with the Law Society of Alberta Articling Sudent Recruitment Period. Applications should be provided by 12:00 PM on May 31, 2024.

Submit your application via email to Alana Sorochan at in one PDF file. The firm welcomes applications from students who will be clerking at the courts before commencing their articles at a firm.