St. Paul Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you find yourself accused of a crime in St. Paul, there is no better option for your defence than Pringle Law. We have extensive experience in guiding clients through the criminal process and resolving their legal issues as best as possible. Based in Edmonton, our firm extends its assistance to all parts of Alberta and other regions in Western Canada.


Our team of criminal lawyers is ready to take you all the way through the legal labyrinth that begins with an official police investigation or an arrest and does not end until you have emerged successfully from a trial or completed the appeals stage of your case. We take a client-centered approach to each case, trying to resolve it in the manner that suits you and your personal situation best. Not everyone needs the same outcome when accused of a crime. Our lawyers understand that because they focus on the best results for you.

Lawyers at our firm have experience in defending against every kind of criminal charge. Some of these include:

  • Charges of Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • Accusations of Sexual Misconduct
  • Allegations of Domestic Assault or Harassment
  • Fraud Charges
  • Drinking and Driving


We are experienced professionals who know that our clients and potential clients are under stress. That is why we arrange for no-pressure meetings to initiate our relationship with you. During the initial consultation, you will learn exactly what kind of consequences you may be facing without any obligation to retain us officially. Our lawyers believe in providing direct and easy to understand advice. We are here to help and provide relief from the complications of the legal system.

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