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Human rights are the most important rights that are given to us. Often, in a criminal investigation, the accused finds it hard to stand for his or her rights. Being accused of a crime can be a stressful experience. While the law assumes innocence until proven guilty, the process of an arrest and a trial can be disorienting and difficult to go through. At this time, it is vital to have legal representation that stands up for your basic human rights and represents your interests.


Our firm of expert criminal lawyers offers decades of experience dealing with criminal cases in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  We provide professional, focused legal expertise in constructing and delivering a strong case in your defense. Pringle Law is based in Edmonton, however, we provide our legal services to residents in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Our lawyers are with you through the entire process of a criminal case. From the police investigation to arrests, through to bail hearings, complex trials, sentencing and appeals, our legal team provides you with rock-solid, credible advice that is to your benefit. Some of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Drug crimes and offences including all forms of drug possession and trafficking.
  • International criminal matters including extradition, terrorism, money laundering and environmental offences
  • Domestic offences including harassment, threats and assault.
  • Driving offences including dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and traffic violations.
  • White collar crime including business fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and other financial crimes.
  • Computer and internet crimes including cyber theft, child pornography, spam generation and identity theft.
  • Violent crimes including murder, manslaughter and aggravated assault.
  • Sexual Crimes including prostitution, sexual harassment and rape.


At all times, it is important to have a legal team who are straightforward, well-informed and experts in criminal aw. If you need legal representation from attorneys who are passionate about the law and your rights, work with us at Pringle Law. During your first consultation we will help guide you through the charges your are currently facing and layout your legal options. We believe in keeping you informed and protecting your rights. Contact our office today and speak with one of our associates for more information.

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