St. Albert Criminal Lawyers

Mishandled criminal charges can lead to devastating consequences for you. When you are first accused of a crime, or even learn that you are under an official police investigation, it is vital to arrange for experienced legal counsel.


Whether you are currently facing a criminal offence or charges are pending, seeking expert legal advice is your strongest defence. Many people make the mistake of prolonging the process of seeking professional legal help. When facing serious criminal allegations and offences, your best alternative is to have the finest legal counsel available to mediate between you and the justice system.

At Pringle Law, we can offer you that level of legal representation from the first step of a criminal investigation until the very end. You can seek legal advice or retain a lawyer at any stage in your criminal case. Our team can offer you assistance at any juncture of the legal process:

  • Providing legal advice when you are under criminal investigation
  • Offering counsel during and after your arrest
  • Negotiating for you at the bail hearing
  • Representing you at trial
  • Guiding you through sentencing and appeals


Our team of attorneys is experienced in defending clients from every kind of criminal accusation. These include charges involving:

  • Violence; assualt, aggrevated assault, murder.
  • Drugs; controlled substances, possession or trafficking.
  • DUI; driving while under the infulence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Theft; including shoplifting, theft from an employer.
  • Fraud; white collar crimes, tax offences.
  • Sexual Misconduct; all sexual related offences
  • Regulatory Offences related to the environment, public health, and animals.

Our criminal lawyers are also practiced in other areas of criminal law and can provide you with counsel on civil penalties and proceeds of crime, professional disciplinary hearings and tribunals, appeals, and extradition trials.


There are a lot of questions and concerns that need to be addressed, and preferably by a criminal defence lawyer with extensive experience. Whether you are in St. Albert, Morinville, Barrhead, Westlock or Athabasca and you are facing criminal charges or other serious allegations, contact Pringle, Chviers, Sparks, Teskey and arrange your free consultation with one of our lawyers.

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