Dan Chivers

Dan is a partner in Pringle Law.  He graduated from the University of Alberta Law School in 2004 and articled under Alexander Pringle, K.C.  Dan has been with Mr. Pringle for his entire career as a criminal trial lawyer, and has significant experience with a variety of criminal charges, including:  impaired driving, impaired driving causing death, assault, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, murder, attempted murder, fraud, extortion, criminal harassment, trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, sexual assault, child pornography and a variety of other charges.

He has been successful in advancing Charter arguments in both the Alberta Court of Justice and Court of King’s Bench and he has also appeared in front of the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.  He has also lectured in both criminal law and sentencing classes at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.

Dan has also been actively involved with the Alberta Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association for well over a decade.  He was president of the organization from 2017-2019 and currently sits on the executive as a Director.  He was honoured to receive the Bruce Gunn Award from the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association in 2008.  Dan is very active within the courts and sits as a defence counsel representative on a variety of court committees.

Dan also brings with him a wide and varied background.  After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Business Degree in 1996, he went on to work as a Labour Relations Consultant and Union Organizer.  He continued with his education and became certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and worked as a Network Administrator.  Finally, he spent a year working for the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency before entering law school in 2001.

Dan is eager to assist you with any criminal, traffic, or appellate matters that you may have.  He offers straightforward forward pragmatic legal advice and handles his files in an efficient and practical matter.  Give him a call if you have any questions or would like to arrange for an initial interview.