Evan McIntyre

Evan V. McIntyre is a criminal defence lawyer working in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. As an associate at the firm of Pringle Law since 2015, Evan has represented people on charges ranging from shoplifting to murder.

Evan has significant experience running trials, negotiating plea agreements, and conducting appeals of both conviction and sentence. He prides himself on dedicated advocacy, diligent preparation, extensive knowledge of the law, and a strong courtroom presence.

Before entering law, Evan was a touring musician, a steelworker, and a short-haul truck driver. He completed a Bachelor of Arts, (Honours) in Political Science at the University of Regina in 2004, graduating with great distinction. He completed a Master of Arts in 2008, and went on to start Law School in 2010.

Evan graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 2013, having distinguished himself in the areas of criminal law and advocacy. In 2018, he received the Alberta Criminal Trial Lawyers Association’s Top Gunn Award, recognizing excellence in the field of criminal defence.

Evan understands that being accused of a crime is stressful, and that the justice system can be confusing and overwhelming. He believes his role is to give clients a strong and unwavering voice before the courts and fight for the best possible outcome, while also helping clients navigate the justice system and providing practical advice.

Evan has appeared at all levels of court in both Alberta and the Northwest Territories, appearing both before juries and judge alone. He has represented people in court on charges including theft, fraud, sexual assault, drug offences, dangerous driving, aggravated assault, manslaughter and murder.

If you have been charged with an offence, are being investigated by the police, or have a family member who needs legal advice, call Evan for a free consultation.