Curtis Steeves

Curtis is a lawyer with Pringle Law, practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defence. He joined the firm in 2014 and articled under Kent J. Teskey, K.C. Curtis appears in the Court of Justice, the Court King’s Bench and the Court of Appeal in Alberta and understands that being charged is a serious and confusing experience.

Curtis conducts bail hearings, trials, Charter applications and sentencing hearings in the Court of Justice and the Court King’s Bench. Curtis also conducts Appeals in both the Court King’s Bench and the Court of Appeal.

Curtis has experience dealing with criminal charges ranging from simple assault to cases involving serious violence to regulatory offences involving Wildlife Act charges.

Being charged with criminal or regulatory offences is a confusing and intimidating experience. Curtis looks forward to helping you by providing practical, straight forward legal advice and working with you towards solving your legal problems.