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Criminal accusations often initiate the worst moments in a person’s life. When you have been jarred from your normal situation in life by such allegations, it is easy to make a critical mistake with regard to your own self-defense. If you are currently dealing with criminal charges in the Hinton, Alberta area the lawyers at Pringle Law can provide you with professional defence services and legal counsel.


Our attorneys are skilled in a variety of criminal legal matters. We offer strong legal representation that is client focused and straightforward.  Our track record includes defences against charges involving violence, drugs, sexual misconduct, domestic altercations and even regulatory offences.


Every client is facing a unique situation. However, the attorneys at Pringle Law are ready to help each defendant from the first step in a criminal case until its resolution. Whether you’ve just been arrested, charged with a criminal offence, have a bail hearing, are going to trial, were recently sentenced or want to make an appeal our lawyers can assist you at any stage.

Contact one of our criminal lawyers for a free consultation in which you will learn everything you need to know about the charges you are facing and the possible consequences. For more information, call us.

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