Vermilion Criminal Defence Lawyers

There is no reason to have anything but the top legal counsel on hand when you are faced with criminal charges in Vermilion, Alberta. The lawyers at Pringle Law are the best in the business. We help guide our clients through these challenging times until all legal issues are resolved.


Ignoring the opportunity to seek legal representation can result in life-altering consequences that you are better off avoiding. The legal minds at our firm recommend that you seek to retain a criminal lawyer as soon as you think that you might have a problem. It is not necessary to wait until you have been arrested. If you are under investigation or suspect that the police are investigating you, call us today to arrange for a free, no-obligation meeting. Our lawyers are always ready to examine your situation briefly, explain the possible consequences and recommend a defence.

Should our legal assistance become necessary, you can retain one of our lawyers to accompany you and protect your rights through every step of the legal process:

  • Which may begin with a police investigation
  • Or initiate when you find yourself under arrest
  • The next step is the bail hearing
  • Followed by the actual trial
  • If necessary, we will continue to defend your rights through sentencing
  • And seek an appeal until every possible source of aid has been exhausted


Our lawyers know how to defend you against every type of criminal charge. We provide legal advice for criminal charges related to:

  • Administrative Licence Suspensions & Appeals
  • Domestic Violence and Violence related charges
  • Drug Offences
  • Impaired Driving
  • Offences of Assault
  • Sexual Assault and Offences

We also offer additional expertise in civil forfeiture, extradition issues and professional discipline hearings.


You can feel confident that the legal team at Pringle Law will find a solution to the criminal charges that you are facing. Our legal team focuses on your unique situation and provides you with custom defence services. We are client focused and believe in transparency throughout your criminal proceedings. Helping you understand your offence and options is one of our top priorities.

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