Jackson Mirasty, Student-at-Law

Jackson is the current articling student with Pringle Law, practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defence. He joined the firm in 2023 and is articling under Michael D. Sparks. As a Student-at-Law, Jackson primarily assists clients in traffic court, the Alberta Court of Justice and with administrative matters.

Jackson conducts bail hearings, trials, Charter applications and sentencing hearings. He also provides independent legal advice and assists clients with traffic tickets or Immediate Roadside Sanction reviews. Jackson has experience running trials for summary offences such as assault, mischief, and obstruction of a peace officer.

Before joining Pringle Law, Jackson worked as a Gladue report writer for 5 years. He is well versed in the unique circumstances of Indigenous Peoples and their intersection with the criminal justice system. Jackson excels at conducting trauma informed interviews and making submissions on Gladue factors in court. He is equally capable of applying his expertise to the circumstances of non-Indigenous offenders.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming and incredibly stressful. Jackson’s goal is to make the impossible seem manageable by providing you straight forward legal advice that is tuned to your specific circumstances.