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Offences of Assault

Assault, aggravated assault, and assault with a weapon are very serious criminal charges. Not only are the repercussions life-changing and long-term, but if you are found guilty of committing assault the effects can negatively impact your family, career, and future. If you are currently facing charges for assault, it is imperative that you hire a top assault lawyer to protect your future. At Pringle Law our lawyers are recognized for their ability to build solid defenses, conduct thorough investigations, and provide expert advice. Contact us or call our office today for your free consultation; (780) 424-8866.

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Internet, Computers & Technology Crime

Defending against these sorts of charges requires a sophisticated understanding of both the technology involved and the privacy rights that might apply. Computers and the Internet have been a part of everyday life for years, but the law takes time to catch up to new technology, and technology crime is a fast-changing area of the law. There are subtle nuances that can affect the outcome of a case. The rules about what police can and cannot do are not always clear, and open to interpretation (and argument).

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Impaired Driving

If you are currently facing charges for impaired driving, it is important that you speak with an experienced DUI lawyer. Understanding your case, impaired driving charges, and arrest is essential to knowing all of your options. The criminal attorneys and legal team at Pringle Law have a wide range of expertise when it comes to impaired driving. Our lawyers can help provide you with sound advice and a strong defence. Call our Edmonton office today for more information at (780) 424-8866.

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Firearms & Weapons Offences

Firearms and weapons offences are governed by the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.  This area of the law is complicated and involves a confusing array of regulations and Criminal Code Offences, some of which contradict each other. This presents many challenges to individuals trying to comply and respect the law. As an area of legal practice, firearms and weapons offences demand a strong understanding of the Charter rights of individuals, detailed interpretation of statutes and a strong understanding of judicial review. If you have been accused of a firearms offence, contact a lawyer at Pringle Law so an experienced criminal lawyer can discuss your situation with you.

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Drug Offences

Drug offences are covered in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Drug law is a complex area often involving informants, search warrants, and expert analysis and testimony.  Due to the recent enactment of Bill C-10, penalties for drugs offences have changed and many offences are now subject to mandatory minimum sentences.  In the CDSA offences and penalties differ according to what “Schedule” the particular drug is found under.

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